Saturday, January 29, 2011

22 Weeks

I think before I was pregnant, I really underestimated just how big my belly would become. When I was wishing for a healthy, viable pregnancy, I'd look through my closet and think about all of the "regular" clothes I thought I'd be able to wear pretty far into a pregnancy. This is one of those shirts (and me, at 22 weeks, 3 days):
Ha! As you can see, I won't be wearing it much longer. In fact, by the time it's really short-sleeve weather, this will be out of the question! I don't really think that I'm that big, but at the same time, I have a hard time imagining the belly as any bigger! The other day as I opened the stall door in the restroom at work, the door brushed against my belly and I had to smile. It just feels so good to have visible evidence that things are going so well with this pregnancy!
I hit another "milestone" this week, too! Earlier in the week, while I was sitting at work, I could feel the baby kicking and punching all over the place. When he does this, I say he's doing his "Turbo Jam" exercises, which is an exercise I did before I got pregnant...kind of a mixture of aerobics and kickboxing, and that has to be what this kid is doing! Anyway, I looked down, and I could see my belly move through my shirt! I laughed out loud and encouraged the baby to keep it up. I loved it! But I think the baby has moved around some and is kicking more toward the inside now. I've asked him nicely to turn around so his daddy can see. So far, he hasn't obliged. :)
A couple of weekends ago, David and I braved Babies R Us for the first time, just to get acclimated to all of this baby stuff that's going to take over our house in a few months. While we were there, we were very excited to find that the bedding we loved was on clearance! We hadn't planned on making any purchases that day, but couldn't pass that up. I'd gotten a nice Visa gift card as my Christmas bonus for work, and with that, we were able to buy our bedding and several accessories and only spent $16 of our own money. Since we're not finding out the baby's gender until he/she arrives, we stuck with something pretty neutral. The bedding is mostly brown, green, and cream, with some stripes of other colors. We love it!
I'm really looking forward to starting on the nursery, especially since we have the bedding. I'm probably going to order the crib here in the next couple of weeks, but I'm having trouble deciding what to do about a changing table. I hate to spend a lot of money on something that's strictly a changing table, so I'm leaning toward one that will also look like a dresser. I think I just need to do a little more research on that one.
We have another appointment with Dr. Basham next week, so we'll get to hear the baby's heart beating again. I don't think I'll have nearly as much anxiety before this appointment, because the baby is pretty good about kicking me throughout the day. I've asked him to kick and punch a lot, just so I know he's okay in there. So far, he's minding! I'm not sure if we'll get anymore ultrasound pictures, but I'm kind of hoping so. I'd like to get a good profile image, but he just wouldn't cooperate at the anatomy scan. I can't believe that after this appointment, I'll only have one more monthly appointment before going every other week! Wow...this is all really happening!

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