Saturday, November 12, 2011

Five Months!

Miss Campbell is now five months old! I feel like I say this every time, but I can't get over how fast she's growing, learning, and developing. It's seriously amazing. It seems like every day she's doing something new. It's so exciting to be her mom! :)
Campbell Adair
Five Months
19lbs., 1oz and 26 1/4" long

Sleep: Campbell is ready for bed by 8pm pretty much every night. We've got a good routine going now. She gets a good bath and hairwashing every other night. On alternate nights she just kind of gets a wipe down. I don't want to dry her skin out. After bathtime or the wipe down, she gets her "sleepy lotion" which is the Johnson & Johnson bedtime lotion. (That stuff is amazing!) Then, either David or I read Campbell her bedtime story. After storytime, Campbell and I settle into the glider for one last nursing session before bed. She usually falls asleep while I'm nursing her, then once she's good and asleep, I transfer her to the Pack 'N Play. Yes, she's been in the Pack 'N Play in our room since we brought her home from the hospital. But tonight, we've put her in her crib. I know it'll be harder on me than her. I am fully aware that it's completely irrational, but I feel horrible about putting her in the crib tonight.

Eating Habits: Campbell is still exclusively breastfed. She's still eating about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I'm still nursing her at Ms. Gayle's right before I leave, then I go feed her at lunchtime. In addition to those feedings, she generally takes about 8 ounces while I'm gone.
I'm struggling with deciding whether or not I should offer her some rice cereal. I know that babies really only need breastmilk for their first 6 months, but she's beginning to show an interest in our food. Tonight, as David and I were eating pizza, every time I would bring my slice of pizza to my mouth. Campbell leaned forward with her mouth open. I think the little girl is letting me know that she's ready for more. I really am interested in doing baby-led weaning, where you skip the purees and mashed up stuff altogether and move straight to finger foods. I have a book on order from Amazon, and it should be here Monday. I'm looking forward to reading through it, and maybe it will help me to decide on the cereal thing.

New Discoveries: She's now able to touch the floor from her jumperoo, so she's in heaven. She'll jump for 20 or 30 minutes. She doesn't really play with the toys on the jumperoo as much as she just enjoys the jumping. She's got to have strong legs!

Accomplishments: Last month, her favorite thing was to be pulled to sitting. This month, she's decided that sitting isn't enough...after she's pulled to sitting, she wants to be pulled to standing. She's also blowing raspberries all the time, and she's giving us laughs much  more regularly.

Places She's Gone: Campbell went on her first hayride and experienced her first bonfire this month! We had a great time, and you can see pictures of that adventure here.

New Friends: Campbell has one new friend this month...Carson Chrystine Dailey! Our friends, Jason and Carrie, welcomed their third little girl into the world at the end of October, and last weekend, Campbell got to meet her. I know they'll have tons of fun playing together in the future!

New Babbles: Campbell seems like she "talks" in fits and starts. A few weeks ago, she was babbling nonstop. Just tonight David I were commenting on the fact that she hasn't been talking quite as much lately. Instead, she's been blowing raspberries. I wonder if it's because the blowing raspberries is a new skill, and she's just fascinated by it? Maybe once the new wears off of it, she'll go back to talking more.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Campbell's First Bonfire

Even though it's officially fall, it seems that Mother Nature hasn't gotten the Kentucky at least. We've had a string of unseasonably warm days this November. On Sunday afternoon, Campbell and I headed to Mom and Chet's house after church for a family bonfire. Poor David had to miss out because a guy was coming to pick up the bull. Boo!
We generally spend Sunday afternoons with Mom, Chet, my sister Allison, and my brother-in-law Larry. Mom and Chet fix lunch for us, and then we laze around for the afternoon. We're usually watching TV (football this time of year), playing on our iPhones, or looking at Facebook. We chit chat the whole time, but we've always got something electronic in front of us. This past Sunday it was so nice to be outside enjoying God's magnificent creation...and each other's company. Here are some pictures from a (practically) perfect bonfire!

Me and Campbell on our way up to the picnic site. I still call it a hayride, even though there's no hay in sight. Campbell doesn't know the difference!  
 Aunt Allison, Uncle Larry, and my parents' dog, Lucy.
 Not long after we got to the picnic site, Mom and Campbell took off for a little adventure along the edge of the woods. They played pat-a-cake and I'm pretty sure Mom told her what a good little girl I always was. :)
 Campbell is so lucky to have such a wonderful Granny!

 They look like they're having a good time, don't they?
 Allison and Larry went on a 4-wheeler ride around the farm. Allison loves driving the 4-wheeler. Poor Larry had more than a littel cow manure on his clothes when they got back.
 Campbell enjoyed spending time with Pop Pop...even though she had to be in just the right humor.
 Campbell and Aunt Allison had lots of fun, too. And Aunt Allison got her first diaper-changing experience.
 Campbell was so sleepy for the first part of the bonfire, but just wouldn't take a nap. There was way too much excitement going on for that! I was finally able to nurse her to sleep and she got a nice little nap. The sun was in her face, but I used a handy-dandy paper plate as a sun shade.
 And what bonfire is complete without s'mores?! Uncle Larry has perfected his technique and made some beautiful s'mores.
And as much as these two played in the fire, it's a wonder they didn't pee the bed that night!
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