Saturday, May 5, 2012

10 Months!

Oh, I'm so far behind. Her 10 month birthday was nearly a month ago! Oops.

Sleeping Patterns: Campbell is still sleeping really well...generally all the way through the night. My girl has historically not been a great napper, at least for me. But this month, that's seemed to be changing some. A few days this week when I was home with her, she took 3 hour naps. THREE HOURS!

Eating Habits: She's still having solids three times per day and nursing about 5 times. Our girl loves to eat. Her little rolls don't lie.

New Foods: So far, there is no food that this girl won't eat. Some of the highlights this month have been tomatoes, blackberries, yogurt, and ribs. We had ribs for Easter, and she loved gnawing on them. She loved even more to rub them in her hair.

New Discoveries: Sometime this month, she discovered that if she hits two things together, they make noise. This is an experiment that takes place numerous times over the course of a day, and neither of us ever gets tired of it. Sometimes I'll pick up two toys and bang them together, and she smiles, takes them from me, and does the same. My heart melts. I am amazed at how quickly she's learning and growing!

Accomplishments: Campbell rolled from her back to her belly...on my birthday! What a great birthday present. I'm finding that when I think of the times that I've felt most proud of myself, it pales in comparison to the pride I see when she meets a milestone. I couldn't imagine that I could be prouder of her if she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Everything she does makes me a proud mama. (Check back with me when she's about two to see if that's still the case.)

Special Friends: Campbell met the Easter Bunny twice in one day! I was certain that she would be terrified of him, but she wasn't fazed at all.

Baby Babbles: This month, Campbell has started saying nah-nah-nah. Adorable, of course.

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