Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Photo A Day Project: Days 11 - 20

I'm still having fun with the February Photo a Day Project...and I can't believe I haven't missed a day yet! Here's what the second ten days have brought:

Day 11: Makes me happy (weekend snuggles with Campbell and David)

Day 12: Inside my closet

Day 13: Blue (my favorite sweatshirt, a handmedown from my husband)

Day 14: Heart (one of my favorite necklaces)

Day 15: Phone (my work phone)

Day 16: Something new (our new reclining couch)

Day 17: Time (It's quittin' time!)
Day 18: Drink (a strong cup of decaf after dinner with my inlaws)
Day 19: Something I hate to do (leaving my girl at the sitter's)
Day 20: Handwriting (the menu for the week)

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