Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Campbell's First Bonfire

Even though it's officially fall, it seems that Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo...in Kentucky at least. We've had a string of unseasonably warm days this November. On Sunday afternoon, Campbell and I headed to Mom and Chet's house after church for a family bonfire. Poor David had to miss out because a guy was coming to pick up the bull. Boo!
We generally spend Sunday afternoons with Mom, Chet, my sister Allison, and my brother-in-law Larry. Mom and Chet fix lunch for us, and then we laze around for the afternoon. We're usually watching TV (football this time of year), playing on our iPhones, or looking at Facebook. We chit chat the whole time, but we've always got something electronic in front of us. This past Sunday it was so nice to be outside enjoying God's magnificent creation...and each other's company. Here are some pictures from a (practically) perfect bonfire!

Me and Campbell on our way up to the picnic site. I still call it a hayride, even though there's no hay in sight. Campbell doesn't know the difference!  
 Aunt Allison, Uncle Larry, and my parents' dog, Lucy.
 Not long after we got to the picnic site, Mom and Campbell took off for a little adventure along the edge of the woods. They played pat-a-cake and I'm pretty sure Mom told her what a good little girl I always was. :)
 Campbell is so lucky to have such a wonderful Granny!

 They look like they're having a good time, don't they?
 Allison and Larry went on a 4-wheeler ride around the farm. Allison loves driving the 4-wheeler. Poor Larry had more than a littel cow manure on his clothes when they got back.
 Campbell enjoyed spending time with Pop Pop...even though she had to be in just the right humor.
 Campbell and Aunt Allison had lots of fun, too. And Aunt Allison got her first diaper-changing experience.
 Campbell was so sleepy for the first part of the bonfire, but just wouldn't take a nap. There was way too much excitement going on for that! I was finally able to nurse her to sleep and she got a nice little nap. The sun was in her face, but I used a handy-dandy paper plate as a sun shade.
 And what bonfire is complete without s'mores?! Uncle Larry has perfected his technique and made some beautiful s'mores.
And as much as these two played in the fire, it's a wonder they didn't pee the bed that night!

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  1. And a good time was had by all! Thanks for spending the day with us. I hope you had as good a time as I did. I'm never happier than when I have all (well, almost all!) of my kids around!


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