Sunday, October 30, 2011

Four Months!

It's been way over a month since I last posted, but as with most things around here, blogging has just kind of fallen by the wayside since I went back to work. It's really hard to find balance. Harder than I thought it would be.
Anyway, my sweet baby girl turned 4 months old over 2 weeks ago. I thought I'd better update before she turns 5 months old! She's wearing 6 - 9 month clothes, and she can fit into a few 12 month things. Yikes! I can't believe how much she's growing.
Sleep: Campbell is ready for bed a lot earlier now...usually by 8:30 at the latest. She's still a good sleeper, waking only once a night to eat. Every now and then, she sleeps all night long.

Eating Habits: Campbell still doesn't have much of a pattern at Ms. Gayle's yet. She's been taking about 8 ounces over the course of the day. I usually am able to feed her on my lunch break. At home, she's eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

New Discoveries: Some of my coworkers gave Campbell a taggie blanket, and she absolutely LOVES it. She is fascinated by the ribbons.

Accomplishments: She's finally given me a few real laughs! She can also grab things and hold onto them, and she's sitting with support. She's got awesome head control.

Places She's Gone: Campbell had a big month! She went to her very first football game at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia. She did great...she slept through the vast majority of it. She also got to go with us to Lake Cumberland for a few days. I had to be there for three days in late September for meetings, and she and David were able to go with me. He watched her while I was in meetings.

New Friends: It was a big month for friends, too! Campbell finally got to meet her friend, Kate Sexton! They had such a good time playing at Kate's house. I hope they'll have many more play dates in the future. She also met a lot of my coworkers at Lake Cumberland. We also went to David's work picnic and she met some of his coworkers' children who are similar ages: Briley and Remington.

New Babbles: Campbell still loves to talk, and she's still loud! She's blowing bubbles and raspberries now.

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