Saturday, February 12, 2011

24 Weeks

As of tomorrow, I'll be 25 weeks pregnant, but I guess it's better to get the 24 week post up now, rather than never. Here's the weekly belly picture of me at 24 weeks, 3 days:
The belly is definitely getting bigger and bigger! I've pretty much had to retire the non-maternity shirts at this poing. In fact, I had to go to Kohl's late last week to pick up a few more shirts. This one is my favorite by far. It's really soft, and it's thin, so I'll be able to wear it even in the spring. I had hoped they'd have more colors, but unfortunately, it was just this color and navy blue. If there had been more options, I definitely would have bought several of these in different colors.
This week, David finally felt the baby move! I swear, our kid is quite a stinker already. Lots of nights, after dinner, I'll have a seat on the couch, and the baby will kick and punch up a storm. I'll call David over, and as soon as he puts my hand on the belly...nothing. Sprout knows that David is trying to feel him, and he's just not having it! But this week, I guess we pulled one over on Sprout. When we're laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, David will lay on his left side, and I'll lay on my left side snuggled up to him. Well, on Thursday night, Sprout was being particularly active, and he kicked David in the back for about 5 minutes straight. Of course, I could feel him kicking, but wasn't sure if David could. I said, "Do you feel that?!" David laughed and said that he did. We just laid in bed and cracked up as Sprout kicked his daddy in the back for awhile. It was absolutely one of the best moments of this pregnancy so far...just absolutely precious. Now that Sprout's gotten over his shyness, maybe David will be able to feel kicking with his hand!
The only other "big" thing that's happened this week is that I've experienced my first Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are very strange! They don't really hurt at all, but when one starts, I get a pulling sensation in my abdomen, and then my lower belly gets really tight for a bit.
In other news, the crib and changing table are here! I ordered them last Saturday afternoon, and they arrived here just yesterday. I'm itching like you woulnd't believe to get them put together. I think that's what's on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon. Sometime tonight we're going to take down the double bed that's currently in the baby's room so that we'll be ready to get to work tomorrow. Hopefully here in the next few days I'll be able to put up a few pictures of the nursery, complete with furniture! Stay tuned!

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