Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

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Happy 2012! At some point, I'm planning on doing a recap of the year, but that's going to take a bit more time than I have right now. In the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick post with my personal New Year's resolutions. I once read somewhere that if you want to meet a goal, your first step should be to write it down. By writing goals down, we make them much more tangible...they're no longer just some nebulous idea floating around in our brains. It's also much more likely that someone else will become aware of our goals when they're written down...which means that hopefully that person (or people) will help to keep us accountable in meeting those goals. That's what I'm hoping to accomplish here.

I've broken my resolutions down into two categories: the goals that I'm serious about meeting, and "extra" goals (those that are more "fluffy" or less important, or that would just be fun). For my "real resolutions," I plan to write individual blog posts about each of them, outlining why I chose them, plans for meeting them, and any other important info I can think of including. 

Real Resolutions:
1. Become a stay at home mom to Campbell.
2. Complete The Radical Experiment
3. Be a better wife to my husband.

Extra Resolutions:
1. Wear more scarves.
2. Exercise more often/get back into shape.
3. Resurrect the food blog.
4. Wear nail polish.

I'm hoping that in posting these resolutions, I'll be more likely to follow through with meeting them. Family, friends, and blog readers, will you please come alongside me and hold me accountable to these goals? I'm sure that I will need encouragement (and your ideas) as I work through them this year.

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  1. Wow! You have set some lofty goals for yourself, and unfortunately, I don't know how to help you with any of them. I will keep you, David and of course, sweet Campbell in my prayers. Please know that I support you completely in everything that you do. You are a wonderful daughter, mother and wife. Mom


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